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Disneyland is arguably one of the most magical places on Earth. At least, that’s how they sell themselves.

It could very well be true as I’ve always found myself having a delightful time every visit I managed to make. Disneyland is a pretty busy place, so there are things that are likely to go unnoticed by people enjoying their time at the park.

Photo: Pixabay

If you’ve ever been inside a Disneyland bathroom, you might notice that there is a lack of mirrors above the sinks.

At first, it might seem strange or inconvenient, but there is actually a clever reason for it. As it turns out, it’s a way to keep foot traffic flowing during busy times. According to Apartment Therapy, the lack of bathrooms is an intentional move on behalf of the park designers.

Instagrammer @wdw_bathrooms shared photos of the sinks with no mirrors and it actually makes sense.

Photo: Instagram/wdw_bathrooms

The bathrooms, just like many other attractions throughout the park, can cause long lines to form. In order to make sure that people can get in and get out as quickly as possible, the bathrooms were designed to be as efficient as possible.

Having mirrors right above the sinks can often cause people to check their reflections and thus give in to the temptation of fixing their hair, makeup, clothes, etc., once they’re done washing their hands.


While these adjustments are merely a few seconds per person, they can eventually stack up when it’s multiple people.

Of course, there are still mirrors in the bathrooms, you just need to know where to look. Usually, there is at least one mirror in a bathroom but it’s out of the way towards the door. This is also by design as people are less likely to spend all their time looking at themselves when they are potentially blocking the exit for people.

Photo: PhotoStockEditor

So, next time you’re in the Wonderful World of Disney, see if you can spot the mirror subtleties.

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