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Regardless of what you are doing right now, we can probably all agree on one thing. It would be much better to be sitting on the beach with a cold, sweet drink. While we cannot send you a ticket to the beach locale of your choice, we can do the next best thing. Disney has shared its POG breakfast juice recipe and we are more than happy to pass it along to our readers.

For those who have been there before, this is the juice that is served at the Disney parks. You may have taken a few sips in the past but you are probably not aware of its origins. Those who reside in Hawaii have seen this juice before, too. It is often found by the carton in Hawaiian supermarkets (just one of the many benefits of living in that amazing state, we suppose).

Before you ask, the drink has nothing to do with the POGs that you played with when you were little. POG stands for Passion fruit-Orange-Guava juice. The sweet juice is the best companion for your breakfasts. It goes perfectly with bacon and eggs, and we can attest to this. Walt Disney World Resort serves the juice but there are other locations where it can be found as well.

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Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii, also provides the beverage. Now that Disney is sharing the juice recipe on their blog, the rest of the world will finally have their chance to take a sip. Head over to their website and find out more about all of the ingredients that you are going to need. Spoiler alert: you will need equal parts passionfruit, orange, and guava juice.

The juice is best served over ice. The glasses should also be garnished with orange slices. It’s not a very complicated recipe and anyone can handle it. You do not need a fancy juicer or some sort of expert course to assist you in this endeavor. During times like these, we need all of the sweet and delicious treats that we can possibly find.

We cannot enjoy the Disney parks in the manner that we have become accustomed to and that is a shame. Kudos to the wonderful folks who make these parks special for providing us with access to their recipes.