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Every day, we learn about the existence of something new online. The internet is constantly showing us different things and we are not sure if our brains can handle them.

If you have not heard, French fashion house Dior has made an interesting decision that is sure to draw a lot of attention, even from those who do not consider themselves to be fashionistas.


They are putting out a luxury gardening kit and the internet is losing their ever-loving minds over the pricing point, which is understandable. Times are hard right now and we cannot imagine there are very many people who will be able to afford this. HYPEBEAST shared an Instagram post about the kit and it’s easy to see why people were stunned.

In the post, HYPEBEAST shared that the kits retail for $9,300! Dior’s creative director Kim Jones is responsible for the design. It comes with a hand rake, a leather folding seat and calfskin leather handles are used to embellish the spade. The signature Saddle bag is also represented in the kit’s shape.

Believe it or not, Christian Dior actually had a lot of love for gardening. We were today years old when we learned this. In the meantime, it is important to note that this kit is not available worldwide just yet. The kits are exclusively available in certain European countries at the moment, including Spain and the United Kingdom.

The kit can only be purchased in-store and buyers must fill out a form online before they can schedule a meeting at their nearest boutique. The rest of the world has been very amused by this pricing and we have been laughing at the posts we have seen.

If you’re interested in gardening with luxury fashion tools but don’t have the $9,300 to spend, you may be interested in learning that Dior sells some gardening tools at a cheaper price point as well!

In the United States, you can get a simple gardening tool set from Dior for just $380! Of course, you could also get tools that get the job done at a hardware store for $5-$20, but if the brand matters to you then this may be a great option!