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When we think of mustard, we probably imagine the classic yellow mustard we squirt onto hotdogs during summer barbecues. However, we can’t forget the other variants like the whole-grain and Dijon kinds.

Dijon mustard is a classic spicy mustard that makes a lovely pairing with sandwiches or roast beef. However, there is a brand new take on Dijon mustard, and we’re not quite sure what to think.

Photo: flickr/WordRidden

The Dijon mustard brand, Grey Poupon, is putting quite the spin on mustard with its first-ever white wine that is infused with mustard seeds! Who would have ever thought that mustard seeds and wine could go together?

Well, they are coming together in an interesting combination that has been called “La Moutarde Vin.”

It is described as a full-bodied viognier 2020 wine made with the same mustard seeds that are used as the base of the classic Grey Poupon mustard. The mustard wine was inspired by its French heritage. The white wine is made with a little hint of spice alongside both citrus and floral notes – meant to balance out the wine’s acidity.

In addition, La Moutarde Vin was created as a tribute to the same way that Grey Poupon’s classic Dijon mustard incorporates white wine – instead of the regular use of vinegar. Apparently, the white wine adds a richness to the flavor of the mustard. Who knew they swapped out vinegar for white wine, right?

Grey Poupon’s La Moutarde Vin was available now on for a limited time only, but they shared on Instagram that they officially sold out.

What do you think of the new mustard wine? Is it something that you would want to try? Let us know!

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