Boston Cream Icebox Cake

This recipe is virtually foolproof, and easy ingredients like pudding and graham crackers make it fun for little ones to help with. Don’t get us wrong, we love to bake! But sometimes it’s nice to whip up a homemade dessert without having to turn on the oven. So the next time you’re craving Boston cream pie, give this refreshing no-bake recipe a try, we bet you’ll be hooked.

Lemon Icebox Cake

Lemony desserts always take us to our happy place – they’re so bright and sunny, it’s hard to not feel cheerful while enjoying them. This versatile lemon icebox cake is the ideal treat to cool us down in the summer or to brighten up a dreary day. It requires very few ingredients and minimal work and is perfect for anytime we want to whip up a sweet treat without turning on the oven. Get the simple recipe here!

Classic No Bake Chocolate Cookies

Normally, making a dessert entails getting the mixer out, preheating the oven and then restlessly waiting for what seems like an eternity while there’s magic happening in the oven. With these no-bake cookies, you don’t have to worry about any of that! These chocolate (and peanut buttery) cookies are truly delicious and if you can manage to wait 10 minutes while they cool, you’ll be happy campers in no time! Get the classic recipe here!