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When the pandemic first started, most of us were scrambling to pick up any facemask that was available. By now, we probably have a few options available but we want to make sure that we are as safe as possible when we wear them. Perhaps you are concerned that the mask doesn’t fit as tightly as it should, and this is a common problem.

A disposable surgical mask is a popular option that many people use. They tend to be loose on the sides of the face, so viral particles may still be able to get in your nose and mouth.

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That is where Dr. Olivia Cuid comes in. She is a dentist in Montréal and has a tip that you are sure to love. After sharing it on TikTok, the 60-second tutorial went viral and was watched hundreds of thousands of times.

One of the things that she is quick to point out is the problem with surgical masks that “the sides of your face are left very exposed to the outside.” She then goes on to give the following tips:

1. Fold the mask in half, lengthwise.
2. Tie each of the ear loops into a knot, as close as possible to the mask.
3. Open up the mask.
4. Tuck the small opening on the sides next to the ear loop underneath the ear loops.

It might seem like a lot of work but she really makes it look easy when you see the video. Watch her do it in a matter of seconds and with a little practice, you can do it as well.


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It really is that simple. Within a matter of moments, you can have a snug-fitting mask, even for those with smaller faces. The tip also works for a cloth mask that is loose fitting as well.

Now that masks are being required in many areas, including many businesses, it appears as if it is going to be the new normal. Until the day that we can go without them, these tips will help us to wear them in style.

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