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This story will serve as a cautionary tale for delivery drivers everywhere. Or, perhaps it will teach some people to be a bit less high-strung. Either way, it is one of those stories that will make you laugh in spite of yourself.

The delivery woman in this scenario actually did a pretty good job of keeping her cool, if you are asking us. We might have lost it ourselves.

Photo: YouTube/RM Videos

According to RM Videos, they had stopped by a house with the intention of dropping off a package. You know, pretty typical stuff (or so we thought).

She was only doing her job and there is no way that she ever could have expected this type of response. However, there was no way for her to know that a woman was going to lose her mind at the prospect of an unexpected visitor.

Photo: YouTube/RM Videos

To be fair to her, we all have moments like that from time to time. We will be chilling at home and then someone stops by when we are not looking to have any visitors and it can be very difficult to adjust to the change in plans. Of course, it is a bit different when it is a package that you should be expecting to receive. Either way, this video is absolutely hilarious.

The woman just so happened to be leaving the house when the delivery woman arrived and this must have contributed to her fright. The screams that she let out were quite startling to the delivery driver. Can you imagine how the delivery driver must have felt at this moment? They had to be quite startled in their own right.

Photo: YouTube/RM Videos

Once the initial screams have had a chance to calm down, the woman finally tries her best to compose herself. It does not seem to help. “OH MY GOD!” she screams after the initial panic seemed to have had a chance to die down. Hopefully, everything is okay with her because this is a lot.

Thankfully, the delivery driver and the woman were able to get past this very awkward moment and make the best of it. They were able to have a good laugh eventually. At least this understanding driver will have a great story to tell all of their friends and loved ones when this is all said and done.

Check out the video below: