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Dandelions are a common rite of passage during the spring time and we are used to seeing them. Our children love to frolic in fields full of them as well, which makes for a lot of great picture taking opportunities.

However, did you know that dandelions are more than just a fun distraction once the weather starts to turn? We had no idea and that’s where this awesome video comes into play.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Dandelions actually offer up valuable information, if we are willing to listen to them. When the dandelions make their way into your yard, they are telling you more about the conditions of your soil.

Now, we are finding out everything that we need to know about dandelions. Stefan Sobkowiak is here to explain the true purpose of dandelions and provide reasoning for why they have shown up. When he explains the reasoning for their arrival, it all starts to make sense. For starters, did you know that they make their way onto our lawns because our soil is compacted?

Photo: YouTube/Stefan Sobkowiak – The Permaculture Orchard

We had no idea….until now. The dandelions, if they had their way, would be able to make their way through the soil. The compacted soil is what keeps them from being able to do so. There are other issues that could be revealed by the presence of dandelions as well. We did not know about the calcium deficiencies that cause them to pop up.

Stefan walks you through all of the reasons and lets you know more about everything that you were previously unaware of. We had no idea that the presence of dandelions was indicative of high acidity levels in the soil. Once you have seen this video, you are never going to look at your lawn in the same way ever again.

Photo: YouTube/
Stefan Sobkowiak – The Permaculture Orchard

Hopefully, you are able to get as much out of this video as we did because it is full of all sorts of interesting facts and findings. We would like to take this time to offer up a heartfelt thank you to Stefan for taking the time to explain this to us.

Check out his video below:

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