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Many of us don’t have a lot of memories of our early childhood. We tend to have flashes of memories, typically revolving around something that was very important to us.

If you think hard about it, you probably even remember the day you first went to school. It’s often a traumatic event for kids, which is why it is often burned in our memory.

Photo: Instagram/@mariaroberts

Luca is a young boy who was having difficulty with such an event. Going to pre-K was a new experience, and he was having a difficult time with the transition.

Fortunately, he had his father, Louis Roberts, who was there to guide him through the hard transition. They started a tradition that was so adorable, it even made the news on Good Morning America.

On that show, the father spoke about his son as being routine oriented. He has a difficult time when he does anything new so they made up some stops on the way to school to make the transition easier.

Photo: Instagram/@mariaroberts

One of the stops was a local coffee shop right around the corner from where they lived.

Suddenly, a preschool coffee date tradition was born. Father and son go to the coffee shop and sit in the corner for 15 or 20 minutes before Luca heads off to preschool.

The mother, Maria, shared on Instagram that the father never misses a day unless he is traveling for work. They started the tradition to make pre-K easier, but it has continued to stick as a daily routine.

Photo: Instagram/@mariaroberts

People at the coffee shop have also become accustomed to seeing father and son sitting at the table. Robert says they don’t have to place their order any longer, as it is ready.

He gets a large cold brew and they give his son a babyccino (steamed milk in a to-go cup).

Father and son are enjoying their time together but his daughter may be joining them soon. She will be going to preschool next year so the two of them will be joining their father for a coffee date.

Luca also gets to enjoy coffee dates every Friday with his mother and that has been a tradition for the past three years. She says it is their uninterrupted time together.