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In the feline world, mothers end up taking on the brunt work of childrearing. Cat dads aren’t known for being “fatherly” and generally stay away from their young altogether.

Chloe likely thought she’d be on her own when she had a litter of kittens, but in a sweet turn of events, the dad, Bonik, came to meet them!

Photo: YouTube/Cat Chloe & kittens

In a sweet video, you can see Chloe laying with her newborn babies and Bonik strolls up to see them. Before greeting his kittens, he gives Chloe a sweet kiss and seems to check in with her before peeking over at the little babies.

Both Chloe and Bonik were born with a gene mutation that causes osteochondrodysplasia, a condition that likely passed on to most of their young.

Photo: YouTube/Cat Chloe & kittens

Cats born with the condition, commonly known as Scottish Fold cats, often suffer from painful degenerative joint diseases at an early age, kidney disease, and heart issues among other things. Their weak cartilage is what gives their ears the “folded” appearance, according to the RSPCA.

Thankfully, Chloe, Bonik, and their kittens are all doing great as of now! Hopefully they’ll all stay in good health and continue to thrive, despite their condition.

Photo: YouTube/Cat Chloe & kittens

Seeing the love the family has for each other is so touching.

Watch the sweet clip below:

You can keep up with Chloe and her kittens on YouTube, TikTok, @cat_kittens, and Instagram, @catchloekittens.