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There have been a lot of changes in 2020, and those changes are now pouring over into the Halloween season. For years, parents have been dressing their children up as superheroes, Disney princesses, and other, similar celebrities. These days, things have changed and although there are certain to be plenty of superheroes out there, there is one costume that is making us all chuckle.

Before we tell you about the costume, it’s a good idea to talk about the creator. His name is Greg Dietzenbach, and he is the father of two children. Perhaps you have even seen some of his Halloween costume creations, as he is well known for his creativity. He is also the creative director of a marketing agency, so he can bring those skills when creating costumes for his 12-year-old daughter.

“My kids challenge me every year to make a unique costume,” Greg explained, according to PEOPLE. “Building a ‘Transformers’ sock robot for my son almost broke my brain…another year [my daughter] went as our neighbors’ doors. So this year I wanted to make it a lot simpler.”

This year, his Halloween costume creation may not be simple, but it is certainly creative. His daughter, Ada, will be rocking Halloween as a Zoom meeting.

As they sometimes say, “but that’s not all.” She is doing more than wearing a Zoom meeting, it has the appearance of being an actual, live Zoom meeting. Seen around the screen are the invisible man, Frankenstein, Dracula, and others but at the top is a spot reserved for the “next victim.” Perhaps that is the most creative because it is a live video feed of the person on the other side of the door.

In the middle of the zoom costume is Ada, and she is wearing a mask. After all, it is 2020!

“Halloween was one of my favorite holidays when I was a kid and I’m happy to share my love of Halloween with my kids,” Greg said, according to PEOPLE. “2020 has been tough, it’s nice to know we’ll be giving some joy to others (at a safe distance of course).”