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Life is all about the little joys – that first cup of coffee in the morning, the smell of cookies baking in the oven, remembering the secret ingredient in grandma’s famous cheeseburger soup, the list goes on and on. One little thing that brings us joy is finding cute and useful kitchen tools. Is that a strainer or a duck? Both! Is this a ladle or the Loch Ness Monster? You decide!

Swan Spoons

Who knew serving soup could be so elegant? Add a touch of class to your kitchen with these swan serving spoons!

Sillicone Bear Placemat

Do you have picky eaters in the family? This bear placemat is sure to make every meal better for the kiddos! It works great for fussy adults too…

Mason Jar Measuring Cups

Okay, these are just too cute. We definitely need to order this measuring cup set asap!

Bird Shaped Mini Knife

This folding fruit and veggie knife is just too adorable. Not only is it mini, it’s a bird. Win-win all around.

Nesting Duck Colander Set

Do you find straining fruits, veggies, and pasta to be borning? Add a bit of quirk to your routine with this funny and cute colander set!

Stackable Cactus Mugs

Do your mugs double as adorable dessert plants? If not, then you need to get on this cactus mug train right away. Get everything you need right here.

Oiladdin Oil Pourer & Stopper

Oiladdin… get it? Get it? Get yours here.

Nessie The Terrifyingly Cute Ladle

Without a doubt, you need this Nessie ladle in your kitchen. Do it for the children!

Heart Sponge Holder

No more gross and grimy sponge! This cute little holder is so versatile, from sponge holder to soap hodler, and even a hanger for dish towels! You definitely need a few of these in your kitchen.

Dino Spaghetti Spoon

Who doesn’t need more dinosaurs in their life? Bring a little laughter to spaghetti night with this dino spoon!

Silicon Oven Glove

If you’ve never used silicon gloves before, you’re missing out. Why not make things a little bit cuter with puppy gloves?

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