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There are a lot of horrible things happening in the world. Sometimes it can be a little unnerving and depressing to turn on the news, but then something comes along that reminds us that there are still good people in this world.

That is a very comforting thought. But not every good deed has to be a gigantic gesture. Sometimes, the best good deeds are the little things that are done anonymously.

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Diners at a Pennsylvania diner were treated to lunch by an anonymous Good Samaritan. The Country Diner, which recently reopened in Hegins, had a fairly large crowd gathered inside for their lunch service. That is when Lorrie Renninger was approached by a diner who offered to pay for everyone’s bill.

According to local news, Renninger shared, “I waited on this lady, and it was time for her to pay her bill, and came up to the register and said she would like to pay for everyone’s bill. I’m like, ‘Are you sure?’ and she was like, ‘Yes.'”

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The anonymous Good Samaritan ended up paying $350 in order to cover each one of the customers’ meals. She then tipped the two servers working a total of $100. The wonderful act of kindness wasn’t just of benefit to the customers, but to the Country Diner’s employees as well, since the diner has experienced some hard times given the current global climate.

Renninger stated, “Business has been up and down. Even though we’re opening, we still can’t get the help, you know. We had to do reduced hours.”

A woman was in our restaurant today and we were full about 60 people the woman paid for everyone’s bill in the restaurant goes to show you there are good people

Posted by Country Diner on Monday, September 13, 2021

The diner insisted on staying anonymous, but the employees still wanted her to know just how grateful they were for her generosity and kindness.

“I’d like to say thank you so much. You made our day, and it’s wonderful that you do that,” Renninger stated.

What do you think of this person’s good deed? Have you ever done something anonymously nice for someone else? Let us know!

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