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Roadkill Cook-Off

Festival goers in Marlinton, West Virginia, taste the best that chefs have to offer at the annual Roadkill Cook-Off. There are also plenty of crafts at the one-day event, too.

Cheese Curd Festival

In Ellinsworth, Wisconsin, fans of hardened dairy products dive into the Cheese Curd Festival. Experts win prizes for carving and eating cheese curds as the town celebrates its dairy heritage.

Bug Fest

BugFest in North Carolina brings out the crowds to sample food made by professional chefs, which – yep, you guessed it – contains bugs.

Spam Jam Festival

During World War II, when troops were stationed In Hawaii, the U.S. military fed them a canned ham product called Spam. It’s been a delicacy on the islands ever since! Among countless Spam delicacies on display at the Spam Jam Festival are the ever popular pizza, ramen and flan.

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