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8 Simple Ways to Make Sunday Brunch a Luxurious Affair

Relax and Enjoy Sunday Brunch With These Simple Tips and Easy-to-Prepare Dishes

An elegant Sunday brunch is the perfect way to relax and unwind before the beginning of another hectic work week, unless you’re the one stuck in the kitchen. These simple tips make it easy to plan and prepare a special brunch for you and your loved ones, without exhausting yourself in the process.

Fresh Fruit Pizza

Bring a creative twist to fresh fruit and yogurt with this refreshing breakfast pizza. Bake the sugar cookie crust the night before, and then top with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit before serving.

Luxurious Table Settings

Set the brunch table with your favorite dishes to add a special touch to the occasion. Unique serving bowls, colorful dishes and elegant glassware create a fun and inviting atmosphere.

Slow Cooker Egg Scramble

This warm and hearty brunch recipe features eggs, potatoes and a creamy cheese sauce. Combine the ingredients in your slow cooker the night before, and enjoy a satisfying breakfast without the hassle of cooking.

Bold and Eye-Catching Color

Wake up the breakfast nook with bright and vibrant color. Arrange fresh-cut flowers in a one-of-a-kind vase for an attractive centerpiece, and use colorful cloth napkins to add a sense of luxury. Handmade place cards make any meal special, whether it’s a wedding party brunch or an intimate family affair.

Salted Caramel Cinnamon Rolls

Warm, sweet and gooey cinnamon rolls are stars at any breakfast or brunch table, and the grown-up flavor of salted caramel make these rolls even more luxurious. Make the dough and the caramel sauce ahead of time so all you have to do the morning of is bake, glaze and enjoy them.

Artisan Specialty Breads

Treat yourself to a loaf or two of fresh-baked blueberry or maple streusel bread from your local artisan bakery. The added costs of prepared breads are well worth the time and effort it saves you in the kitchen, especially when you sit down and savor the goodness.

Strawberry Pastry Strudels

These mini pastries look and taste like you spent hours in the kitchen, but it only takes a few minutes to whip them up when you use thawed puff pastry sheets. Strawberry preserves and cream cheese make a quick and delicious filling.

Simple Touches for an Elegant Finish

Garnishes and condiments add flavor and flair to your brunch menu. Add color with orange slices or ruby red grapefruit halves, and top creamy lattes with dollops of whipped cream. Mold-shaped, flavored butters also add an elegant touch.

Want more simple ideas for Sunday brunch? Check out these popular recipes.

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