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Cheese balls have a remarkable way of turning ordinary crackers into gourmet delicacies, and they’re perfect for every occasion, but we had no idea cheese ball ingredients could be so versatile. This five-ingredient bacon-ranch cheese ball wowed our taste buds and immediately became a regular at our get-togethers. Now that we’ve sampled these intriguing twists, our party spreads include two, three or more mouthwatering spherical cheese creations.

Pepperoni Pizza Ball

Combine cream cheese, olive oil and shredded mozzarella with Italian spices and a dash of crushed red pepper to form the perfect cheese ball for game day. This delicious spread is smothered in tomato sauce and pepperonis. Pair it with pita bread, and your guests will never miss the delivery guy.

Herb-Coated Cheese Balls

Flavorful, bite-size cheese balls with crisp crostini toast are perfect for grown-up gatherings. Form small balls with cream cheese, mascarpone or goat cheese, and roll the pieces in a combination of herbs and spices, such as rosemary, thyme, lemon zest and parsley.

Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

Take a sweeter approach to traditional cheese balls when you add butter, vanilla, sugar and chocolate chips to your cream cheese. This decadent delight can be coated with chopped pecans, and it’s terrific with graham crackers.

Fruity Cheese Balls

Fruit is a simple way to strike a delicious balance between sweet and savory when you’re making cheese balls. Mix dried fruit pieces and honey into a typical cream cheese and cheddar ball for a surprising twist on a classic, or combine cranberries with Gorgonzola and cream cheese to create a festive holiday variation. Pineapples are particularly tasty with cheeses, and they pair with ham or bacon.

Sun-Dried Tomato Cheese Balls

Stir sun-dried tomatoes into cream cheese and sharp cheddar for an intriguing twist on taste and texture. Add chopped onions, Worcestershire sauce and crushed red pepper for even more flavor, and form the mixture into bite-size balls for easy snacking. These are really delicious when you roll them in crispy, crumbled bacon.The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to cheese balls, so why not get creative in the kitchen? Try a combination of cream cheese, Mexican cheeses and taco seasoning with these delicious homemade tortilla chips.

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