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For those who love sour candies, Sour Patch Kids are amongst the very best that the grocery store has to offer. And they have already provided us with incredible blessings this year, by releasing two new flavors: Crush soda and blue raspberry.

Now, Crush is returning the favor. They just released a new soda and it’s flavored like Sour Patch Kids! The Crush Sour Patch Kids Berry soda is here and we are psyched! CandyHunting is the Instagram sleuth who has brought us the news.

They were spotted at Woodman’s, but comments are claiming to have found them 7-11 and Dollar Generals as well. The deep blue bottles are artificially flavored and they are available in 2 liter sizes and 20 ounces. The world’s first Sour Patch Kids store has been opened and we are hoping that these sodas are carried there as well. The world needs their chance to get their hands on these bad boys.

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Here is the new Crush Sour Patch Kids Berry soda! It is available in 2 L and 20 fl oz bottles. I found the 2 L's at Woodman's, but still haven't spotted the 20 fl oz. The soda tastes very similar to Sour Patch Kids candy. It has a sour kick from citric acid, the same stuff that coats Sour Patch Kids. It's also super sweet and the berry flavor is on point. This one is definitely worth trying if you like Sour Patch Kids candy!

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“The soda tastes very similar to Sour Patch Kids candy,” reads the CandyHutning review. “It has a sour kick from citric acid—the same stuff that coats Sour Patch Kids. It’s also super sweet, and the berry flavor is on point. This one is definitely worth trying if you like Sour Patch Kids candy!” they continued.

But the comments were a mixed bag. “I’m gonna get a bag of all blue ones and use this as milk,” says one user named Colin. Meanwhile, there are others who are not as pleased to see these. The early reviews are mixed, to say the least. “It was sweet. Might be better with some alcohol mixed in,” Suzanne said. We are not going to lie to you, we are standing with Suzanne on this one.

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It’s Review Time! 💙💙💙 As we all know @sourpatchkids can be naughty, and while strolling around the @crushsoda bottling factory a group of them stumbled into the machine, creating Crush Sodas newest invention! I present, Crush Sour Patch Kids Berry Soda! • • Now @crushsoda is a staple in my house along with @sourpatchkids so seeing a collaboration between these two, I knew I had to try this IMMEDIATELY! Now I found these at @walmart but not a local one, I had to go on a hunt! Thankfully for Walmart’s app I was able to track this down to a Walmart about 30 minutes from me, so away I went and secured this epic soda! 🙌🏻 Now these sour sodas are sold in both 2 Liter and 20 ounce bottles! I was only able to find this in a 2 Liter, which honestly is even better! A 2 Liter was only 1.50$ so I of course stocked up! Now upon opening these it gives off strong scents of general “berry” and you can almost smell the sour from the citric acid, it’s wild lol! The taste is so crazy and unique but at the same time delicious! You get a berry taste that is similar to that of a traditional mixed berry flavor, then you get hit with that sour kick that is mixed into the flavor profile and it’s so unexpected, but in a good way! It’s wild when you drink a soda because you don’t expect to taste sour citric acid, so it kinda throws you for a loop and it almost tastes like it’s alcoholic! Ahah! 😂 After trying a blue @sourpatchkids and then drinking the @crushsoda Sour Patch Kid, I have to agree they got it pretty spot on! Overall this was such a cool and unique collaboration, I would love to see @crushsoda do more candy flavors in their soda in the future! 8.5/10 🌟

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These would probably taste great with a little bit of added sauce, if you know what we mean. The Sour Patch Vodka Slushies recipe that we have been using lately is sure to get a major workout. This drink mix calls for some Sprite, but this new Crush soda just might be the addition that takes this concoction to a whole new level.

What do you think? Are you excited to try it?