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You can learn pretty much anything on the internet these days. How to change a tire, what those lyrics are to the song stuck in your head, and of course, home improvement projects.

Some of the projects you can find online are easy enough to pull off, like these 10 easy DIYs that increase home value. Others, however, are a bit more ambitious to tackle all on your own. Some things are worth paying a professional to do, especially since you might end up paying one anyway to fix your mistakes and then redo it from scratch.

Let’s take a look at some of the most cringeworthy home renovation fails and learn what not to do!
**Note: We don’t condone trying to fix electrical or plumbing problems without the help of a professional.

Modern problems call for modern solutions


At first glance, you can see a pretty obvious problem. The door was installed opening in instead of out. Rather than going through the work of installing a new door, this homeowner decided to cut a section out to fit the toilet perfectly.

Problem solved, right? Unfortunately, this is a short-sighted solution. Now you just have a hole in the door that gives people an up-close and personal view of whatever’s going on inside the bathroom. Yikes.

So close, yet so far


Ouch. Here’s another door issue, though at least this one didn’t involve literally cutting a hole in the door. I still have questions though. Did whoever installed this door not even look at it the whole time? How could they not see the door clearly doesn’t fit before they attached it?

And furthermore, if you’re spending money on a new door, wouldn’t you want to make sure you have the right measurements?

I have questions…


Is this a secret passageway into magical, unknown lands? Or perhaps a statement piece of art? Nothing else makes much sense. Why else would this home have an awning and everything, but no door installed? Maybe it’s a new trend I’m unaware of, but either way, I still have questions.



Oof. Imagine being a guest in this house, just needing to use the restroom, and then you discover this! I’m not sure if the toilet paper roll was there when they installed the cabinets or if they put it on after the fact, but I’m puzzled either way. Maybe it’s best to keep a roll on the back of the toilet instead.

Double Trouble


What…? How is this a good idea? We put a disclaimer at the beginning of this article in hopes of warning people off from dangerous DIYs like working with the electrical. Sometimes the damage of DIY electrical work isn’t fire, it’s… whatever this is.



I’ll admit, I could totally see myself making this same mistake. When the drawers are closed, everything looks nice and normal. What could possibly go wrong? Oh, the drawers in the corner can’t open, and you’ll probably smash your fingers every time you try.



What are the two things we said not to mess with at the beginning of the article? Electical and plumbing. This house is a downright deathtrap with a setup like that! Who did this? What were they thinking?

Floor tile fail


My eye is twitching just looking at this. I can’t imagine making this mistake when redoing a tile floor. The rest of them are perfect and then there’s… this one. What would you do?

I imagine popping off one tile while it’s cemented right in the middle of the floor would end with chipped tiles all around it, though maybe they were able to replace it.

How did they not see this coming?

News Beast

I’m trying to decide if whoever did this built a wall around the cabinet on accident or on purpose. I lean toward this being an intentional choice, but why? Why not take the counter out? Why build a wall around it, thus rendering the drawers useless as well as the point of the wall – separation!

One job…


Oh man, here’s another one I could totally see myself doing. Luckily, this is a pretty quick and easy fix – just unscrew the doorknob and reattach it the correct way. Still, I’m sure whoever discovered this mistake had a bit of a surprise!

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