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It only takes a single road trip to recognize that Cracker Barrel is truly a staple when it comes to eating on the go. They have been providing comfort food since they opened in 1969 but it seems as if a change is now coming. Food & Wine is reporting that Cracker Barrel is running some experiments of selling alcohol in its restaurants.

Cracker Barrel offers Southern home cooking, and people often stop while they are traveling along the highway to get a meal. The menu has been dry for years and they have always touted themselves as being family-friendly. In some locations, however, a new drink menu is being added that includes beer, wine, hard cider, and orange and strawberry mimosas. Those adult beverages are being offered in about 20 stores in Florida. It seems as if mimosas are a particular hit.

Photo: Pixabay

Now that Cracker Barrel has rolled out the test menu and seen success, they are considering expanding their offerings of adult drinks to Kentucky, Tennessee, and other Florida stores. It is unclear as to how long it will take to roll out the process but it does involve getting local liquor licenses and training employees.

Serving alcohol is more of a way to keep adult clientele happy. It may also save their business. Cracker Barrel has suffered financial losses, similar to other restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic. Even if you aren’t planning on having a drink while you are at Cracker Barrel, it may just help to fund your next serving of chicken fried steak.

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