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If there is one thing that all of us need, it is a few good friends. At times, we might even settle for a few acquaintances. The problem is, when you are in a new area and dealing with a pandemic, those friends don’t come all that easy.

Nobody knows this better than Thomas and Amanda Evans. According to ABC 7, they moved to Cape Coral, Florida from Fort Myers, Florida early in 2020. I’m sure they thought that getting to know some of the people in the neighborhood would be easy enough, but then the pandemic hit.

Photo: flickr/Barry Dale Gilfry

Suddenly, everyone’s life was turned upside down and people were staying home more than going out. Even if they would get the chance to meet some of their new neighbors, it would be from a distance with perhaps a passing wave. Thomas and Amanda knew they needed to get creative if they were going to make new friends.

Photo: Piqsels

Amanda spoke about how difficult things were during that time. They had their rescue dog that they would walk every day but getting to know the neighbors was almost impossible. She would invite people for dinner or drop off a pie but she wasn’t sure how it was working.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

That is when they decided to make friends in a different way. They started to post flyers that made an offer that was difficult to refuse. The flyers said: “Hi, we’re new to the neighborhood and would like to meet our lovely neighbors. We will be in our driveway with drinks, ready to meet any neighbors who would like to stop by. We can’t wait to meet you.”

Photo: Piqsels

They also put a sign in their driveway to get people interested. They love how people would do a double-take when they passed the sign offering free beer for those who just stopped to say hi. They now have plenty of friends.

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