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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a…chicken coop?

One couple from Boise, Idaho decided that they weren’t going to go the traditional route when erecting a chicken coop for their hens. Instead, they looked to the skies for a little bit of inspiration and came up with a very unique idea: a UFO-themed chicken coop. We can only assume this means that their chickens’ eggs are…out of this world.

UFO Chicken coop

Posted by Brett Wilson on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

While Brett Wilson and Ellen DeAngelis might be raising chickens together, they also have another shared passion: UFOs. So when it came to them creating their chicken coop for their flock, it makes perfect sense that this couple of self-titled “UFO nerds” would opt for something that shows a little bit of who they are as people. And they did it all with the help of wood planks, chicken wire, and a little imagination. It was Brett who came up with the design and fully executed it using two 10-foot satellite dishes, a trampoline base, some aluminum paint, and LED lights.

He later posted his creation to the Backyard Chickens website, proud of his work. He explained that when he first started the project, it was difficult to find “up-cycle” options to create the UFO shape and that is what prompted the couple to look at using a satellite dish for the base. Fortunately for the couple, they were able to source two 10 foot dishes using their local Craigslist page.

Since the couple resides in Idaho where the winters can get pretty cold, Brett was sure to make the chicken coop UFO as snuggly as possible for their chickens. He added 1-inch styrofoam insulation as well as waterproof roofing to keep things from getting wet and cold inside. He also installed two 250-watt ceramic heaters. These are hooked up to a computer program that allows the couple to monitor the coop’s temperature remotely – definitely sounds like a high-tech chicken coop that would be space-worthy. While its features might seem alien enough, it still functions exactly the way a chicken coop should, and it has allowed the hens to live their best lives and lay plenty of eggs.

While their creation was originally made way back in 2017, it has recently enjoyed a bit of viral fame thanks to a posting that was shared across Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. The Twitter user going by the name @AgriStainless made a post of the couple’s video, saying that they were inspired to raise chickens themselves after seeing the clip of the “Unidentified Flying Omelette.”

You can even watch a video of it below:

What do you think of this chicken coop? Would you want something similar for your chickens? Let us know!

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