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If you are anything like us, you have probably seen some of those massive, intricate cornfield mazes and wondered how they are even possible. Now, the good folks at Cheddar News are here to explain these mazes to us in greater detail and we cannot wait to dig in.

It’s the sort of video that you are going to want to watch repeatedly so that you can enjoy it in its totality.

Photo: YouTube/Cheddar

Best of all, they spoke to a wide range of designers, so that we could get their take on the matter. They include Rob Stouffer of Precision Mazes, Shawn Stoleworthy of Maze Play, and George Richardson of Richardson Adventure Farm.

“Behind the ubiquitous fall attraction is an industry grown around technology. Companies design mazes for clients and tour the United States machine-planting corn or whittling away at pre-planted fields,” Cheddar’s video description reads.

Photo: YouTube/Cheddar

As you may have expected, commercial-grade GPS is the primary factor here. In order for these mazes to be created, machines have to be equipped with advanced versions of the technology before the creators can get started in earnest. Thanks to these machines, the corn can be planted in one of two ways, depending on the needs of the designers.

“Today there are two primary methods of creating a coordinates. One is to drive a tractor-like machine through a cornfield to carve out a path. The other is to plant corn in the maze formation then take a rototiller in to tidy it up later. Both involve machinery propelled by commercial grade GPS,” the narrator lets us know. It’s an amazing watch, for sure.

Photo: YouTube/Cheddar

While the technology that is used might be a little different, the usage of farmland in this manner has been a common tactic for quite some time now. “The tech has changed over the years but what hasn’t is the multi-generational appeal of getting lost or finding one’s way…” and never truer words have been spoken.

We had no idea that these mazes were so complex and watching them get put together is an awesome way to spend a few minutes