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As we grow older, it can be harder and harder to get our friends together. That’s what makes this woman’s relatively simple idea such a great one.

She created a “cookbook club” as a means of rounding up the whole gang and it is a great plan. The premise is very easy to understand. It is the same thing as a book club but there is far more deliciousness involved.

Photo: TikTok/@alanalavv

Swapping recipes definitely sounds like a lot of fun to us! Alana Lav (who can be found @alanalavv on TikTok) is the one who came up with the idea.

At first, she tried to get one started when she was in New York City but the idea did not take off in the manner that she would have liked. Once she moved to London, she elected to give it another chance.

Photo: TikTok/@alanalavv

Wouldn’t you know it, the idea actually worked this time and things have been going swimmingly ever since. It is a dream that she has had for some time now. At long last, it is finally coming to fruition, providing all sorts of inspiration for the rest of us in the process. Alana even starts off her TikTok with a very funny joke.

“The first rule about Cookbook Club is, Don’t talk about Cookbook Club!'” she declares.

Photo: TikTok/@alanalavv

No, that is not an actual rule, so no worries to anyone who may decide to join down the line. The whole thing revolves around the idea that people will choose their own recipes from each cookbook. From there, everyone prepares said recipes, and then the group gets together to have a potluck dinner.

The group members chat about their awesome creations and they have a lot of fun doing so. The friends that Alana has made in London are also foodies, so the idea was the furthest thing from a tough sell. The video that you are going to be watching depicts a day in the life of the cookbook club. Alana walks the audience through her preparation process and the results are pretty awesome.


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We have had a lot of fun learning about this one and we are sure that lots of our readers are going to be inspired as well.