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From the time we are very young, we enjoy watching other people work. There’s just something satisfying about watching them go about their tasks and getting something done.

Perhaps you can remember days spent watching construction workers in your local area. Whether working on the street or in your neighbor’s backyard, it was always fascinating to see them working.

Photo: Reddit/u/amish_novelty

A young boy had an opportunity to watch some construction workers in his area, and he got quite a treat. He brought his toy truck along to the construction site, and the construction workers couldn’t resist doing something nice for him.

Fortunately, someone took a video of the entire event and shared it on Reddit, which has touched hearts on the Internet. It shows a small toy truck sitting next to a construction site while a large excavator fills it with dirt.

Photo: Reddit/u/amish_novelty

It may look like a simple exchange, but in reality, there was a lot of finesse needed to fill the toy truck without damaging it. Obviously, the operator of the excavator knew what he was doing because he slowly filled the small dump truck while the child was watching.

This was something that also captured the attention of the rest of the construction workers. They couldn’t help but stop what they were doing for a moment to see it happening.

Photo: Reddit/u/amish_novelty

This video is something that has really made a splash online. It has done more than go viral. It has made people appreciate the kindness of the construction workers.

Many of those who commented on the video also shared memories of watching construction workers when they were younger.

These construction workers filled a kid’s toy truck with dirt to make his day
byu/amish_novelty inaww

There is just something nostalgic about it, and we are thankful that someone took this video so we can all enjoy it.