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In communities across the United States and around the world, there are small libraries that crop up in the most unexpected places. They are often found in the middle of a community, and they are little more than a box where you can take or leave books for free.

In Minnesota, there is something similar but rather than offering books, they are offering videos. They even fashioned it after the popular video rental store, Blockbuster Video. Check out the photos in the post below:

The Free Blockbuster Robbinsdale has now made its debut outside of a local record shop. People in the community fill the box, which is similar to an old newspaper box, with movies and anyone can watch them.

The sign on the box says it all: “Take a movie, leave a movie.” It is an ingenious idea and may just be what the world needs in this unusual and difficult time.

Photo: flickr/Personal Creations

The creator of this Free Blockbuster, Travis Stone, spoke to KARE, saying:

“I hope a little bit of a community grows up around it.”

Photo: flickr/Robert Couse-Baker

He went on to talk about his love of movies and how he has always loved sharing them with others. Even though he admits that people stream movies now, having a movie and watching it in your home in this way is the way he feels they were meant to be enjoyed.

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