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Every year there are many of us who look to achieve our fitness goals. New year, new me is the attitude. But how many of us actually manage to stick to a diet? Personally, I start off every new year with a commitment to go on a diet. And then I have one cheat meal and that turns into a cheat week which becomes a cheat month, which turns into a cheat year and I have to start all over.

It’s hard to get through the five phases of dieting – something that many of us might be going through without even realizing it. But comedian Trey Kennedy put out a hilarious video that sheds light on the difficulties of dieting. It hits pretty close to home. In his video, he shares observations from the different moments that arise as a result of dieting.

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According to Kennedy, the first phase is always the same. Everyone starts out with a boatload of confidence. Conquering the diet? Not a problem. That is also when you usually go through a clean sweep of the home, ridding your pantry of all the chips and cookies and all other snacks that we know will only pack on the pounds.

Then, comes phase two. This is when the confidence begins to fade as the reality of what we’ve done begins to set in. We find ourselves craving all the junk that we’ve just thrown away. It’s also when the carrot sticks start to lose their appeal and all we want to do is replace them with a couple of cheetos.

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Eventually, this leads to phase three, where we begin to cut corners. We’ve managed to have a good couple of days, maybe a good week, but we start to make small little bargains with ourselves. This is when we’ll allow ourselves a cheat or two. Dark chocolate? Not as bad as milk chocolate so why not have a couple of squares? Baked chips instead of the regular chips? Sure, a few won’t kill us. And that is this phase that lands us in phase four.

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Phase four is essentially “questioning everything.” We don’t know why we started, we’re not enjoying our experience, we haven’t seen the results we desire – we’re literally questioning everything including why we’re adhering to the diet. It’s usually in this phase that a lot of giving up happens. I know I often give up at this stage.

Check out his hilarious video below for the truth behind the fifth phase:

What do you think of the five phases of a diet? Do you find them accurate? Let us know!

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