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Cast iron pans are one of the most effective tools that you can have at your disposal when you are in the kitchen. However, these pans also tend to require a bit more finesse if you would like to get the most out of them.

That’s where the wise words of Lifestyle TV host Mar Jennings come into play. This hack is so simple, you won’t believe that you didn’t think of it already.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to LifeHacker, by taking the time to line the cast iron pans with coffee filters, you are helping to avoid all sorts of long term issues that are often neglected.

Otherwise, the excess water and grease are going to cause a great deal of problems for you. The pans tend to rust out rather quickly when this aspect of their maintenance is ignored.

Photo: Pixabay/MLARANDA

It only takes a couple of filters to eliminate this problem entirely. Yes, you can use paper towels instead but this is not recommended by anyone else who has tried this. Paper towels may work just fine in the short term but they are not lint free. This means that you are going to be picking up lots of little pieces of paper towel once you are done cooking, which no one wants to be doing.

Photo: flickr/Edsel Little

This is the sort of tip that makes you wonder what other obvious tips we are missing out on. Our cast iron pans have been suffering for some time because we did not know about this one.

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