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The cleaning hacks that we find on TikTok are true game-changers, aren’t they? This one is especially helpful to anyone who has been struggling to deal with clogs in their sink.

When these types of clogs arise, we can be left very, very frustrated. If you have ever purchased a store-bought item that was supposed to unclog the sink and didn’t, you know where we are coming from.

Photo: TikTok/@veronicaveronica9085

Now, one woman is providing a helpful video for getting those drains unclogged and we have to give TikTok the props for coming to the rescue.

Once you have had the chance to see it, you are sure to have a new video to add to your bookmarks. We are definitely holding onto this one for the next time that our drains end up clogged.

Photo: TikTok/@veronicaveronica9085

This is a much better alternative as compared to wire hangers or plungers. The toughest clogs refuse to budge and can have us trying things that we know good and well are not going to work. That’s just what frustration does to a person. There are a few things that we need to mention before we proceed with @veronicaveronica9085’s hack. First of all, the industrial strength unblocker that we usually use happens to be somewhat expensive.

It’s not the best for the plumbing in the home either. That’s why Veronica is looking to help out. According to her, all you need is some hot water, vinegar, and baking soda. Most of these ingredients are already present in any home, so you will not have to run to the store in most cases.

Photo: TikTok/@veronicaveronica9085

It starts by taking a pan of piping hot water and sending it down the pipes in question. From there, she takes a jug and fills it with vinegar. The next jug is for the baking soda, which is then topped off with colder water. This is when the true magic starts to take place. Veronica starts to sprinkle the baking soda down the drain.

Then, the vinegar and water mix is poured over it. Once this step takes place, we get to watch as the mixture starts to fizzle up. The mixture is then left for 10 minutes Veronica finishes the job off by pouring over some more boiling water.


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That’s all it takes.