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We have had a lot of interesting developments in cleaning technology during recent years. Two of those that come to mind for most people automatically will be magic sponges and dishwashing tablets. People are now using them for more than cleaning the kitchen, they are cleaning everything!

Separately, they work their magic in amazing ways but it may leave you wondering, what if you combine the power of these two products?

One mother from Australia decided to share an interesting 2-in-1 cleaning technique using a magic sponge and dishwashing tablet. If you have ever dealt with the dirty shower screen, you will love what it was able to do.

To get started, a small hole is cut in the magic sponge. You can find those products at most grocery stores and department stores. Cut the hole about the same size as a dishwashing tablet.

Photo: FACEBOOK / Mums Who Clean

At that point, insert the dishwashing tablet into the hole that you created in the magic sponge and use a little water along with it to clean your shower screen.

The results are, shall we say, incredible!

“Thank you to the lady that suggested putting the dishwashing tablet into the magic sponge,” was one comment on the ‘Mums Who Clean‘ Facebook page.

“It worked brilliantly for the shower glass!!” added another.

“Tried it! Omg! So good!” said a third.

“Now this is a game-changer. Works well on oven doors too!” added one more.

“My shower’s never looked better, whoever thought of this is a genius,” said another amazed commenter.

One of the things that many people really appreciated is that there was no heavy work involved and it didn’t damage the glass. Since it worked completely to clean the screen, you didn’t have to use a scouring pad.

Of course, make sure that you wear rubber gloves when cleaning with dishwashing tablets because the detergent can be hard on the skin.

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