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If you’re like me, then you probably love a little bit of honey in your tea. But there is a downside to the natural sweetener, and that is its stickiness.

As most of us have probably had to contend with, honey will sometimes leak out of the bottle, resulting in a mess on the kitchen counter or inside your cupboard. It’s always the worst when it happens inside the cupboard because then it’s like glitter – it gets everywhere!

Photo: Unsplash/Art Rachen

But don’t start Googling cleaning hacks, instead, there is a better hack you should be aware of: How to avoid honey spills in the first place.

The Kitchn has pointed out that there is a simple household item that can become invaluable to making potential honey leaks a thing of the past, and that would be a cupcake liner.

As it turns out, if you just place your honey container into a paper cupcake liner – or better yet, a foil one – then you can easily avoid the sticky viscous liquid getting everywhere else in your kitchen.

Photo: flickr/Le living and co

But perhaps the best part of this kitchen hack is that it allows you to store your honey jar or tube upside down. And we all know that storing it upside down is the better option as it allows you to pour out your honey much easier whenever you need to use it. But the downside is without something to put it in, it’ll easily leak out and get everywhere.

Of course, the cupcake liner hack can only help you so much. You need to regularly replace it in order to keep your pantry clean and free from a sticky mess.

Photo: Unsplash/Sophie Nengel

Once the honey has dripped out of the bottle, it is a good idea to replace the cupcake liner with a fresh one in order to avoid a mess. A typical package of cupcake liners usually has some 150 liners per box. They’re not that expensive either. With so many in a box, they should last you a while, unless you are making cupcakes every single weekend.

While the cupcake liner hack is helpful for honey tubes, the reality is that you can use them for almost any condiment in your home, particularly the sticky ones like maple syrup or molasses.

What tricks do you use? Let us know!

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