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Dirty hats are one of the banes of our existence. No one likes dealing with this problem but unfortunately, there is little that can be done. In most instances, we just end up buying new hats.

What happens when we have the option to restore our dirty hats, though? That would be a massive game-changer for us, of course. Now, TikTok is here to make that dream into a reality.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Emily Mathis (@emily_.mathis) is the one who has posted the video and we cannot wait to show it to all of our pals. This is the latest cleaning hack to blow up on the app and for good reason. There’s just no substitute for a nice, clean hat. We know that we are not supposed to judge but when we see people with filthy hats, it makes us wonder what went wrong along the way.

The clip from Mathis has over 5 million views now. In case you thought that the process was going to be more complicated, it is really not. All it takes is a simple soak in the sink to get the hat clean. To begin, the sink is filled up with hot water.

Photo: TikTok/emily_.mathis

From there, she prepares a mixture of dish soap, liquid laundry detergent, and powdered laundry detergent. It is all stirred together after that. The hats are given the chance to soak.

Once that part of the process is over with, she removes the hats from the sink and rinses away the mixture of soaps. That all seems easy enough, doesn’t it?

Photo: TikTok/emily_.mathis

The hack is perfect, as it will allow you to remove all of the stains and sweat that start to collect inside and outside of the hats. There were actually a bunch of TikTok users who said that they have been using this trick for quite some time as well. It makes perfect sense. It’s not like it is the most complicated hack in the world.

While there are some who suggested using the dishwasher, we would rather use this trick instead. The prospect of putting our favorite hats in the dishwasher is simply too much to bear. Watch the hack below:


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