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Now that grilling season is upon us, it is time to take stock. While most of us would like to believe that we are the supreme grill master, there’s always improvements that can be made. There are few things that are more annoying than scrubbing the grill once all of the cooking has been done. The process is a messy one and we all know how labor intensive it can be.

Fortunately, there is a better way. You are probably tired of using the smelly grill cleaners that are found in most stores and you may be sick of spending sizable amounts of time cleaning the grill after using it. We are also willing to bet that you were unaware that the antidote to these concerns has been lurking inside of your own kitchen this whole time.

Photo: Pexels

This alternative is non-toxic and inexpensive. The Brillo pads can stay under the sink because they are no match for the awesome power of the onion. All you need to do is chop an onion in half and the rest of the process is shockingly easy. Take the onion and face it downward on the grill. This will allow it to clean the heated grate far more quickly than you ever have in the past.

You’ll want to make sure that the grill is nice and hot before you start trying to remove any food that has dried up on it. As soon as this step is complete, take another onion and stick it on the end of your longest grilling fork. Those that require a bit more scrubbing power can spray the grates of the grill down first with white vinegar and lemon juice.

In general, onions are an underrated cleaning tool because they are rich in natural antibacterial properties. Are you the sort of person who likes to cook with charcoal when you are grilling outside? If so, you can toss the onions directly into the coals whenever you are finished. This allows you to add some much needed flavor to whatever you have decided to whip up.

This hack is definitely a game changer and we urge you to share it with all of the would be grill masters in your life. They are sure to appreciate the help. After all, no one likes cleaning a grill!

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