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Legos are one of those games that just seems to be timeless. More than likely, you played it when you were a child and if you have children of your own, you passed it on to them.

Perhaps one of the reasons why Legos are so popular is because they are simple. There isn’t anything complex to learn but then again, you can take Legos and use them in the most complex ways possible.

Photo: YouTube/North of the Border

This can clearly be seen by some of the more popular kits that are available and, quite simply, they are amazing with what they can do. New Legos are even being added into the mix on a regular basis, allowing people to create things that they’ve never possibly created before.

Of course, Legos are really only one of the many things that we can do to enjoy ourselves. There are also many other creative outlets that we might want to consider. This includes making things out of clay.

Photo: YouTube/North of the Border

I know what you may be thinking at this point, that you don’t have the talent necessary to create something out of clay. As they say, however, don’t knock it till you try it and when it comes to creating things out of clay, it really just takes time and a little bit of effort.

That is where this interesting video comes in. It was made by Adam, who runs the YouTube channel for North of the Border CraftWorks. If you haven’t seen some of his work, it really is worth looking into because you can watch him create right in front of your eyes.

Photo: YouTube/North of the Border

In the video that we have below, he is creating a lifelike Lego man out of clay. Although it has many aspects that a regular Lego man would have, it also has some lifelike aspects that we can appreciate as well.

Quite simply, you need to watch the video to appreciate it and it will be a few minutes of your time that has been well spent today.

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