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This story originally appeared at Goodfulness by Timothy Roberts.

A good Christmas party needs a fun Christmas game. We’ve got one that is just too fun to pass up.

Not only is it super fun, but it’s also super affordable because the only supplies you’ll need are some small party favors and a roll of plastic wrap.

The game is known as “Saran Wrap Ball” and it’s similar to other games like Pass the Parcel and Hot Potato. A few quirky rules help to make the game extra fun.

Saran Wrap Ball has a few simple rules to follow, which can be modified to suit the party crowd. Make the rules easier for younger kids or more challenging for the adults. Either way, everyone is going to have some good Christmas fun!

Here’s what you’ll need: a roll of plastic wrap, a pair of dice, party favors to stuff inside the plastic wrap (small toys, candy, gift cards, coins, etc), and finally, oven mitts (optional). These items will get wrapped up into the plastic wrap to ultimately create a large ball of gifts and goodies.

Here’s how to play: gather everyone into a circle. This is best played around a table or sitting on the floor.

The first player begins by unwrapping the ball while the player to the right rolls the dice.

The player rolling the dice will continue to roll until they get doubles. At that point, the dice and plastic wrap ball are both passed to the right. The player who was just rolling the dice will now begin to unwrap the ball, while the player to the right will start to roll the dice.

If there are any prizes exposed when you unwrap the ball, they are yours to keep. The player with the most prizes at the end wins. This is a really fast-paced game so get ready to roll and unwrap as quickly as possible!

To make the game a little more challenging, make the player unwrapping the ball wear a pair of oven mitts. The game will definitely get much more entertaining!

Any type of plastic wrap will do, but one that is extra sticky, like a “press-and-seal” variety will really make the game more challenging.

When you make the ball, it’s a good idea to put a really special gift in the middle, something that will make the game even more exciting. You might include a $10 bill or a gift card to really encourage folks to get into the game.

And if you want to add yet another layer of fun to the game, make the person unwrapping the ball with oven mitts also wear a blindfold! The laughter that will ensue is almost better than all the prizes inside the plastic wrap ball.

Folks have captured their families and friends playing this game on video and shared it on social media. It’s become quite a popular game for family get-togethers. Why not try it for your next holiday party? Your guests will love it!

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