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Model, TV host, and social media star Chrissy Teigen is also appreciated for her well honed kitchen skills. Her mom Vilailuk, affectionately known as Pepper, is responsible for teaching her the art of cooking and love for food, popping up frequently on Chrissy’s website and Youtube channel.

Pepper Thai Cookbook
Image Source: Penguin Random House

Like all Thai moms Pepper loves cooking for her family, including Chrissy’s husband John Legend and grandkids Luna and Miles. The Pepper Thai Cookbook: Family Recipes from Everyone’s Favorite Thai Mom is her long anticipated first book, written with Garrett Snyder.

Pepper’s book details 80 Thai recipes ranging from quick eats and traditional classics to Asian fusion dishes melding Pepper’s Thai heritage and ingredients inspired by her time spent in the US.

Pepper also delves into life as a youngster in Thailand selling traditional coconut and corn pancakes to commuters, and helping her mom prepare food before school.

Pepper also writes about the importance of Thai food in staying connected to her culture once she married and moved to Utah, innovating with ingredients when she couldn’t get recipe staples.

The Pepper Thai Cookbook comes in hardcover and is great for use in the kitchen. For more information or to order visit the official page from publisher Penguin Random House.

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