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Our lives have certainly changed as a result of the pandemic. Perhaps one of the ways that they have changed more than any other is the fact that the way we eat out is very different. At first, restaurants were closed down entirely and we started cooking at home. When the restrictions started to ease up and restaurants were opening, many people were quick to go back, but they wanted to do so as safely as possible.

In order to make your trip to a restaurant a little safer, Cholula has worked along with Simplehuman to create a touch-free product that will dispense your favorite hot sauce. Think of it as a touch-free option similar to a soap dispenser that is available in the kitchen. You can get all of the hot sauce you want without having to touch surfaces that may be contaminated.

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According to Maura Mottolese, CEO of Cholula Food Company: “When restaurant operators began removing Cholula bottles from tabletops amid the pandemic, we needed to develop a solution that could adapt to their new environment.”

You can fit up to 32 ounces of hot sauce in this battery-operated dispenser. A valve is included to reduce any possibility of splatter and an upward-facing sensor interface makes it easier for users who are sitting at the table.

Now that we are looking for ways to be safer when we are eating out, this type of dispenser is invaluable. It is also good for those who work in the food industry because they don’t have to touch things that may have been touched multiple times by customers.

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The Cholula automatic food dispenser will be available first thing on December 1 through their website. You can get the dispenser, along with a half-gallon of Cholula original sauce for $130. Shipping is free! The proceeds from any sales will benefit a nonprofit that helps independent restaurants that have been impacted by Covid 19, the Independent Restaurant Coalition.