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Chipotle has been offering the DIY experience for some time now and as any seasoned diner knows, there are certain toppings and ingredients that just hit differently. Maybe you’re a corn salsa lover or perhaps you’re a day one guac stan. We’ll just be over here, quietly singing the praises of their white rice. If you’re anything like us, the following news is going to make your day.

They are now offering their white rice recipe, free for the taking. Thanks to a smart request from the comment section on the corn salsa recipe (which is also very much a thing), the chain saw fit to share.

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Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

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To get started on the Chipotle cilantro-lime rice, you’ll need to add rice and water to a rice cooker. Then, grab a bowl and add some cilantro and lime juice. Once the rice is cooked, you’ll scoop it out of the rice cooker and add it to your cilantro-lime mixture. Once that simple step has been accomplished, you add some salt and mix it up again. And, that’s it.

Check it out for yourself:


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