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2020 has been a bleak year, but Chipotle has been committed to offering us rays of sunshine during the madness. Their willingness to share all of their best recipes has definitely been a bright spot. We have already had the chance to check their corn salsa, cilantro-lime rice, and guacamole recipes. The blessings just keep on coming, though, and we are not going to complain for one minute.

If you have ever eaten at Chipotle (and who hasn’t?), you know that no order is complete without their trademark tortilla chips. We have made their corn salsa before, and let us tell you, it just doesn’t hit the same without the chips. Now, we can finally sit down and tuck into a proper Chipotle meal.

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As long as you have corn tortillas, flaky salt, and some limes, you are in business. The tortillas are cut into quarters (so they are chip shaped), fried in oil for 50 seconds (or until they are crispy), and added to a mixing bowl.

Juice one half of a lime on top of the chips. You can add salt liberally and then toss them once in the bowl with the other half of the lime at this time. After that? You’re all set, friend. If you have already been whipping up Chipotle creations in your own kitchen, there’s a good chance that you have these ingredients on hand anyway.

Check out the tutorial for yourself:


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The Chipotle TikTok account is already well over the 1 million follower mark. We are sure that number will only continue to grow as the legend spreads. If there is anything that you are looking to whip up that they haven’t provided the recipe for, feel free to sound off in the comments. We love that they regularly engage with hungry fans who demand more hacks.

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