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There is a photo circulating online and it shows you just how frightening the situation can be when a child is not wearing the right colored swimwear. After being posted to the CPR Kids Facebook page, it went viral.

In the first image, you see what appears to be a swimming pool, but then they asked the question if there is anybody in the pool.

Photo: Facebook/CPR Kids

At first glance, you would likely say no, but then they circle a blurry part of the image that is actually a child swimming at the bottom of the pool. You can barely see them!

Photo: Facebook/CPR Kids

They went on to say that you might have an even more difficult time seeing something after the children have been playing in the pool for a while. In this case, the pool water had turned cloudy because of sunscreen.

The post reads: “It’s hard to believe, we know! Following on from our post recently on the importance of fluoro and bright coloured swimwear for kids, one of the CPR Kids Educators was at a pool party with friends and noticed how cloudy the water had become after being used all day.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

After asking a child wearing a pale blue swimsuit to swim on the bottom, everyone was shocked. Parents have been passing around this image, saying that it is something they had never considered. As you can imagine, drowning is a big fear for any parent with a pool.

Many of the comments expressed how parents were going to make a change immediately. Some parents even talked about how their children were struggling in the pool and they didn’t know it! One person said:

“This is 100% correct! I thought I was carefully watching my 3 kids. My son had a bright blue Speedo sun shirt on that I didn’t think anything of. He stepped backwards off the step and went under. Originally I thought he was under for only 3 secs but my cameras caught the whole thing and it was 26secs!!!! I can’t believe I was within arms reach of him and didn’t notice because of his blue swim shirt.”

Photo: Facebook/Paul Slowy

CPR Kids further shared a side-by-side comparison taken of a child wearing a blue swimsuit and one wearing bright pink.

Photo: Facebook/CPR Kids

A single glance is all it will take to prove to you that bright colors are the only option you should choose.

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