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Cheeseboards are quite a fancy and versatile snack. They can be brought out during a sophisticated dinner party, or just enjoyed on a casual Friday night in with friends.

Either way, they are a crowd favorite because who doesn’t like cheese? However, putting together a cheeseboard can take a little bit of effort.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Not only do you have to get the pairings right in terms of food items that accompany the cheese, but you also need to be able to properly slice your cheese. That is where a cheese knife comes in handy in order to get a clean cut.

However, not all cheese knives are created equal. Depending on the type of cheese you’ve chosen, there is a different or specific knife that goes along with it. Below, we’ve listed out all the different cheese knives that are used for slicing up cheese.

Chisel Knife

Photo: flickr/Didriks

This knife is wide and flat with a sharp edge at the top. This cheese knife is used to break off pieces of softer, crumbly cheeses like a gorgonzola or blue cheese. The wide, flat surface of the knife can then be used to spread those pieces across your bread or crackers. The chisel knife can also be used to cut into semi-soft cheeses like provolone.

Cheese Fork

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This item is not technically a knife, but a fork. However, it will often be included in a set of cheese knives because it comes in handy when trying to hold cheeses in place. This fork works particularly well on harder cheeses, such as Manchego.


Photo: flickr/Marco Verch Professional Photographer

Perhaps a more popular choice for cheeseboard enthusiasts, this one was made for spreading. If you prefer the softer cheese varieties, like goat cheese or Boursin, then this will probably be your go-to item. The spreader also can be used on creamy cheese varieties like brie or Camembert.

Cheese Cleaver

Photo: Max Pixel

This knife comes with a wide and rectangular blade that works wonders when slicing semi-hard cheese varieties such as cheddar or pepper jack.

Parm Knife

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This knife can also have other names including bell knife, almond knife, pear knife, heart knife, and spade knife. Of course, judging by the name, you can probably guess what cheese it works best on: Parmesan. The parm knife is great for chipping away at heard cheese blocks of all kinds, not just Parmesan.

Cheese Plane

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This knife is used to carve thin slices of cheese, mostly the semi-soft types like fontina, havarti, or swiss.

Soft Cheese Knife

Photo: flickr/Didriks

This one is also called the fork-tipped spear or pronged knife because of its versatility. The thin blade makes it a great tool to use on soft cheeses such as brie or Camembert because it prevents the blade from sticking to the cheeses.

Plane Knife

Photo: pxfuel

This knife is narrow and sometimes goes by the name flat knife. However, it’s also a very versatile knife that can slice through a large variety of semi-firm cheeses such as cheddar, gouda, and pepper jack. The top can even be pressed into harder cheeses in order to cut them.

How much cheese knife knowledge do you have? Do you have a favorite cheese knife you use when making a cheeseboard? Let us know!

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