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The school lunches that Cardi B packs for her daughter are getting straight A reviews on social media and rightfully so.

When the rapper shared the lunches on Twitter recently, the whole site went crazy. The meals that she packs for little Kulture give this mother the chance to go above and beyond. Now, her fans are asking for more pics.

Photo: Flickr/DVSROSS License: CC BY 2.0

We would definitely like to see more photos of these lunches as well but that’s just us. Cardi shared three different photos on her feed and all of these spreads look delightful.

There is some delicious looking macaroni and cheese, breaded chicken nuggets, broccoli and a plate of corn and pasta. From the looks of it, the child also loves sugary cereal. What child doesn’t? Kulture enjoys flavored milk and fruit, too.

“Kulture school lunch be everything,” Cardi wrote in her caption. Once the pictures began to circulate, people wanted to know if the rap star would be willing to pack their lunches, too. We have to agree with these folks. These are meals that are fit for a queen.

“Cardi b can u pack my lunch,” one follower wrote in response to Cardi. “I wanna be a little kid again…her lunch for school is everything…a kids dream…to have all those goodies…,” another added. “Literally how I wish my lunch would look like everyday lol,” another tweeter chimed in. “You should adopt me I’ll be 24 soon but I tell the most hilarious stories,” offered one particularly clever lunch seeker.

Meanwhile, other parents confessed that she was inspiring them to step their games up. “Thanks for this idea I was just thinking to myself what can I put together for my babys’ lunch,” one mother shared.

Cardi was also happy to showcase her daughter’s breakfasts and dinners. One morning, the child was given pancakes, strawberries and some melon. One of her dinners consisted of some plain chicken that was served alongside of a vegetable medley.