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Candles are a key aspect of any household. We just love to light them during the winter months, when we are stuck inside all day. It’s so nice to fill the home with the scent of lilacs or cinnamon, isn’t it? When we are buying candles, there are a few different things that we like to look at first. Obviously, the size and scent are the first factors that we are going to consider. But there are other aspects that are just as important, like the burn time.

Photo: Unsplash

For those who are not familiar, the burn time refers to the amount of time that the candle can be burned for before it peters out for good.

Many people ignore the burn time when choosing a candle, but paying attention to it is the only way to know if you’re getting a good deal.

Photo: Unsplash

Thankfully, lifestyle blogger Adriene Davidson released a video explaining just how to determine a candle’s burn time to get the most of your purchases.

As it turns out, we just needed to take a moment to check out the label. Flip the candle over and take a look at the bottom for an exact burn time.

If there is nothing listed, simply head to Google, put the name of the candle that you are looking to purchase in the search bar plus “burn time”. It’s really that easy, we promise you.

Photo: Unsplash

Thanks to Adriene, we will be able to select the best candles possible going forward. As she explains, the pricing of the candle does not matter as much as you may have thought. If the burn time is low on a cheaper candle and higher on a more expensive candle, they may end up costing around the same.

Watch her helpful video below:


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