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It is the dream of many to live like royalty but very few people have the opportunity to do so. If you happen to have such a desire, then you should head to Southern California to stay at a 9000 square foot castle in a secluded area. You can rent it for yourself (and a few friends) on Vrbo.

The private estate located near Lake Arrowhead is being called Castle in the Forest. You will find six luxury bedrooms, a few kitchens and nine bathrooms on the inside. On the outside, the property provides plenty of privacy with beautiful trees and scenery.

Photo: Vrbo

You can enjoy stretching out with the cathedral ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, Gothic architectural features and a formal dining room. The castle also includes a grand ballroom that has perfect acoustics.

If you enjoy an active vacation, you can visit the game room or theater room. For those with a desire to enjoy an adult beverage, try the pub or wine cellar.

Photo: Vrbo

If you plan on visiting the Castle in the Forest, you should bring your wallet. You can expect to spend $2,595 for one night but then again, you can split it with 20 friends and stay for a bargain.

As many as 22 people can fit in the castle and according to former vacationers, the place was well worth the stay.

Photo: Vrbo

“The property is unlike any other. Better than any hotel could ever wish to be and more impressive than any vacation rental I have come across. The attention to detail is unmatched,” one renter wrote.

“One of my main concerns going into it would be the cleanliness of such a large property. The owner and staff do such an incredible job of cleaning this home that it feels fresh and pristine upon check-in.”

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