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Many of us have experienced the frustration of standing in front of a cabinet and not being able to find what we need. It almost seems as if things hide out of sight when we need them the most.

Maybe it would surprise you to learn that it is also possible to hide a complete cabinet out of sight if you do so strategically.

Photo: Instagram/@howard_lee

This is not done to frustrate others. It is just interesting to watch.

Howard Lee is an illusory artist who knows a thing or two about perception. In a video, you can see how he uses painter’s tape and paints to create the illusion that makes an entire cabinet disappear.

Photo: Instagram/@howard_lee

He refers to his artwork as the “hidden covered painting,” and he has done it a few times to show that it wasn’t a fluke.

When he finishes his work, the cabinet disappears into the surrounding wall, and it’s practically impossible to see. Check it out below:

You can see more examples of his work below:

Perhaps you would rather hide a present? Lee shows you how to do it:

This can also be carried over in nature.

Watch Lee hide the middle of the tree from sight in the video below: