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The humble cracker is a very versatile snack. You can plop them into some tomato soup or spread them on a charcuterie board. Or, you can simply eat them straight from the box just like that.

When we think of crackers, we most likely think of such popular types like Saltines or Ritz. One is salty and one is buttery – and depending on your mood, that’ll determine what you nosh on. But what if you want both in one cracker?

Photo: flickr/Mike Mozart ; World Open Food Facts

Well, many people have probably been spreading butter on their Saltines for years, and we’ve just never known it.

Personally, I remember growing up and doing this in my household. But after someone posted a video of spreading butter on a Saltine cracker, it has quickly gone viral and become the latest snack craze to flood the web.

Photo: Pixabay

This simple snack is a great way of enjoying Saltines, and it’s so easy to make as well. All it requires is crackers and butter – a great late-night snack on the days you might forget to hit the grocery store.

Photo: Pixabay

Of course, you will want to make sure that you leave your butter out so that it softens to room temperature. You don’t want to use hard butter as it will just cause your cracker to break apart and crumble.

Have you ever tried this snack before? Let us know!

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