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We’ve all heard or tried beer flights or cheese flights, but one Colorado bistro is offering something that we’ve never heard before: Butter flights. At Bella La Crema, butter isn’t just an afterthought served with bread – it is the main event.

Shauna Lee Strecker, the owner of Bella La Crema, explains on her site that she began looking deep into her health and lifestyle choices in 2012. After doing some research, she decided it was best to buy raw cow’s milk instead of processed milk from the grocery store.

She then began churning her own butter from the raw cow’s milk and was pleasantly surprised at the taste, along with the health benefits: “I believe what I discovered not only helped my health but elevated butter to its original splendor,” the website says. The “omega-3 fatty acids, healthy bacteria, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, K, E) and antioxidants” were reportedly life-changing.

Strecker told Food & Wine she makes over 20 different flavors and varieties of butter, with both sweet and savory options available. A popular flavor called “Hollidays Bourbon” is made with molasses, maple, clovers, cinnamon, vanilla, bourbon, and orange. Another butter called “Evening Capers” is infused with capers, garlic, tarragon, and lemon.

The bistro also offers butter flights since it is hard to choose one of the four flavors to spread on a piece of fresh bread.

The best part? Once you find a flavored butter that you like, Strecker sells them to take home. Currently, they are almost sold out of their current bathes so you better hurry up and jump on the bandwagon.