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The makeovers that we see on TikTok are always awesome, whether we are talking about rooms or people. Wait until you see the transformation that took place in this ugly bathroom. We cannot lie, it just might be one of the ugliest bathrooms that we have ever seen…..and we have seen a lot of ugly bathrooms during our time, believe us.

Like many of us, Lynné Rivers was never exactly infatuated with the bathroom in question. Rivers’ bathroom was brown and beige and the patterned wallpaper and tiles did not go with any of these color schemes. She had no choice but to make some major changes.

Photo: TikTok/@dimplesdiva

Now, we know what you are thinking here. In order to makeover this bathroom, she probably had to dig pretty deep into her pockets. On the contrary, the exact opposite was true. She tried to work with it initially but the clashes were only made worse. If she didn’t make these changes, she would have been stuck with this ugly bathroom forever.

Thankfully, these alterations came far more cheaply than she would have expected. All it took was $300, a bit of elbow grease, and some imagination. “I tried to spruce it up, but adding to it just made the mitch-matchery worse!” Rivers wrote in her video. “Couldn’t stand looking at it another minute!” she continued. We fully understand where she is coming from here.

Photo: TikTok/@dimplesdiva

Once we get fed up with the appearance of a room, we have to fix it up before it is too late. Luckily for Rivers, she was willing to put the work in on her own, so that she did not run up her costs with unwanted labor fees. The color scheme was switched up, as she chose cobalt blue, gray, and black with touches of crystal.

“Did the work all by myself!” she says and it shows! There is something to be said for rolling up your sleeves and taking the time to put in the work on your own. Lynné even provided an itemized list of all the items that she used, so that people are able to follow in her footsteps if they so choose.

Photo: TikTok/@dimplesdiva

“I really struggled taking off the wallpaper and chipping the paint off. After two weeks, I wanted to quit but pushed on,” she admits. We are glad you pushed on!

Check out the $300 bathroom transformation in the clip below:


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