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One of the worst nightmares that a person can experience has to involve their wedding day. This is the biggest day of many people’s lives and of course, they want every plan to go off without a hitch.

The single most worrisome aspect of a wedding has to do with attendance. In other words, are the bride and groom actually going to show up in a timely manner?

Photo: Pexels/Rene Asmussen

The couple in this story was forced to deal with this issue firsthand and our hearts go out to them. Groom-to-be Gannon Karmire was sidelined for the big day, as he was dealing with a bout of “severe” food poisoning. His then-fiancee, Christine, was obviously wondering how the wedding could still go on but the North Carolina reception hall that was responsible for their shindig came up with a great idea.

The video that transpired has been all of the rage on TikTok, garnering close to one million views. “When the groom suddenly becomes sick & goes to the hospital on wedding day,” reads the caption on the video and they certainly were not kidding. The wedding must go on and this video is a testament to the ingenuity of this reception hall.

Photo: TikTok/thevictorianyoungsville

The video that you are about to see shows Christine dancing and cutting cake, just like she would have done at any “normal” wedding ceremony. However, alongside her isn’t her husband, but a long, slender pole that is attached to a rolling device that the staffers at the venue dolled up in a special way. You see, she was dancing with her husband…..without actually dancing with her husband.

The pole had been dressed in a male’s suit and that’s not the only flourish that these amazing staffers came up with. They also placed an iPad on top of the makeshift groom, so that she would be able to see his smiling face during the ceremony. These folks have truly thought of everything, haven’t they? This is how you make the best of a bad situation.

Photo: TikTok/thevictorianyoungsville
Photo: TikTok/thevictorianyoungsville

A lot of women would have gone full Bridezilla and tried to call the whole thing off. Kudos to Christine for being willing to roll with the punches and make things happen anyway. Our heart also goes out to Gannon, as we are sure that he did not want to miss out on his big day.

While some commentators wondered she was not by his side during his hour of need, he commented on the post, letting them know that he gave his blessing for the wedding to continue. Watch the video below:


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