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Although we may plan for many big days, our wedding day is one that tends to be thought out more than any other.

Weeks or perhaps even months of time goes into it because we want everything to go off perfectly. Perhaps that is why we find the following video so awkward.

Photo: TikTok/jpvideography2141

It was posted on TikTok after a wedding photographer captured a moment that is one that will send shivers down your spine. The photographer was taking pictures of the bridal party but, unfortunately, a mistake was made that cannot be recalled.

What ended up happening was the bride-to-be was called “Taylor,” who just so happens to be the ex-girlfriend of the groom. The bride’s actual name was Katelyn.

Photo: TikTok/jpvideography2141

As you can imagine, it is not out of the ordinary for uncomfortable things to take place when wedding photography is happening.

JP Videography helps us to see many of those moments by sharing the awkwardness on social media. Watching this may make us feel better about our own wedding.

Photo: TikTok/jpvideography2141

The photographer said: “1,2,3… Corey and Taylor look at each other” as there were some awkward glances that were being exchanged among the bridal party. I guess it’s just one of those moments that will live in the back of our minds forever.


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