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Weddings are rarely ever stopped because life is not a movie. It’s not like people’s exes are always bursting in, so that they can “speak now” before they have to forever hold their peace.

However, this wedding had to be stopped and once you see the bride’s reasoning, you will understand her all the way. We do not wish this type of thing on anyone.

Photo: TikTok/@jetsetbecks

When Becky Jeffries shared this video, she never could have expected how quickly it would end up blowing up. The video has received nearly 30 million views, as people are all losing it over this wedding mishap.

“Me in the middle of my wedding ceremony realizing I’d made a terrible mistake,” the text overlay reads. Wait until you end up seeing the gravity of the mistake!

Photo: TikTok/@jetsetbecks

“Um, pause for a moment,” she says when the officiator first asks them to take their vows. At that point, she takes the microphone and addresses the guests directly. “I just realized when I got up to the end of the aisle that I’m missing half of my dress. Maybe I could put it on now?” she asked. The guests take it in stride, laughing and cheering her on.

The skirt and train were gone completely but it did not take long before she was able to locate them. “I’m sure you guys have never been to a wedding like this before,” she said with a laugh at the altar as she took a moment to fashion the skirt around her waist. “Now I’m almost dressed.”

Photo: TikTok/@jetsetbecks

We are glad that the bride did not see fit to lose her mind at this moment. Instead, she took it all in stride and the moment ended up being a funny one. A lot of brides may have felt embarrassed when this happened and started lashing out. She is not one of them and it made us smile so hard.

Check out the hilarious video below:


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